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Social Media Marketing

There are over 4 billion social media users in the world. Increase your lead-to-close rate by 100% compared to outbound marketing. Take advantage of the 42% penetration rate social media brings.

Text Management

Not posting online regularly? Text and call-and-response posts customized for your business are a cost effective solution designed to increase engagement and start building your audience.

Image Management

It’s proven that image-based posts increase engagement and attract more attention than non-image posts. We can help you select, design and add pertinent and brand-appropriate imagery to your text posts.

Motion Management

Motivate your audience to move with Motion Content. Along with our image-based posts, we can add motion-image posts to really grab your audience’s attention. These posts also give you cost effective options for Social Media Promotion.

Deos Studio

Social Media Advertising

Advertising Budget

Your Advertising Budget represents your budget for ads and sponsored posts, paid directly to the social media platform(s) used to promote you. A larger budget means a larger reach and more exposure across the selected platforms.

We will work with you to develop an appropriate budget given your goals and will review the analytics of your campaign with you on a regular basis.

Branded Ads

Just starting out in Social Media Advertising and want to test the waters? We’ll help you design attractive, brand-appropriate image ads with your social media goals in mind.

Do you already have the raw content and just need us to distribute across Social Media? We will help adjust your content to maximize your ads’ effectiveness and readability with each platform.

Motion Content Ads

Video is a proven winner for sales and marketing and our Motion Image ads are a cost-effective way to create ads that are more engaging and leave an immediate impression.

We’ll work with you to produce branded motion image ads with animated text and publish them to the social media platforms of your choice.

Custom Media Ads

Need content that represents your specific product or service? Our digital content team can work with you to produce branded lifestyle, service and product photos and videos you can use for your social media ads and for your other ongoing marketing.

Want to use your ad content elsewhere? No problem! You can access the source files and use them for your other commercial marketing efforts.


It’s not enough to have a plan to achieve your goals, tracking your results is essential! When you partner with Deos Studio to manage your social media and develop your ads, we track, generate and review analytics reports regularly to monitor activity across your platforms and we review the metrics with you to ensure you’re getting the most our of your social media marketing efforts. Every social media plan includes analytics!

Social Media Services Breakdowns

We will work with you to get the best possible plan for your business goals and budget. You can choose from any number of our services below to combine into your custom Social Media Plan via our cost estimation form below. Some services are specialized on-demand services that are not included in your Social Media plan. 

Write & Research Text Posts

We will spend time researching your industry to write clever and appropriate text posts to engage your audience.

Call & Response Text Posts

We will deliver text and call and response posts customized for your business.

Image Content Identify & Edit

We will create pertinent and brand appropriate imagery to your text posts.

Image-Video Posts

We will produce you a motion-image post to grab the attention of your audience.

Online Review/Reputation

On your behalf, we will review all listed online review sites and respond to new reviews.

Real-time Social Engagement

For the first 20 minutes after we make a post, a Deos customer service specialist will directly engage with your supportive users on your behalf.

On-demand Updates ($95/hr)

Requested changes, updates or additional content development outside the scope of the accepted management plan. This service is not included in your Social Media Plan and is billed at $95/hr.

Branded Image Ads

We will spend time creating and designing branded custom Image Ads to post for you.

Account Setup

Our design specialists will help you set up your accounts, and produce effective profile pictures, covers, header images, videos and customer-facing graphics that best represent you and your Brand

Basic Ads

We will create an ad using stock photos and light graphic design elements.

Branded Motion Image Ads

We work with you to produce motion image ads with animated text and your branding.

Location Photo/Video Session

We will come film or shoot at your place of business.

Campaign Planning

We will work with you to define your social media marketing goals and help identify an in-depth plan for developing and releasing content that best achieves your goals.

Social Media Event ($95/hr)

We’ll attend your event and generate live posts, tweets and live-streamed video for all your supported social media platforms! This service is not included in your Social Media Plan and is billed at $95/hr.

Use the below form to estimate the cost of your social media needs!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Management

Posting regular content is crucial, but can be time consuming. Select one of our social media management plans below and we will develop, schedule and release interesting content relevant to your unique customer base.

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Text Management: $65each

We Research, Write, & Post text-based posts on up to 3 social media platforms a minimum of 3x per week to a maximum of 7x per week.

- +

Image Posts: $65each

We add researched & edited images to your text posts. Minimum of 3x per week to a maximum of 7x per week.

- +

Motion Management: $75 each week

We add a Motion-Image Video post 1x Per Week. Up to a max of 4 weeks per month.

- +

Realtime Social Engagement: $25each

For the first 20 minutes after we make a post, a Deos customer service specialist will directly engage with your supportive users on your behalf. Minimum of 3 posts per week to a maximum of 7 posts per week.

Online Review/Reputation : $99

We review online review sites relevant to your business and respond to new reviews.

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Social Media Setup

Don't have any Social Media registered for your business yet? We will set up all of your accounts with updated branding, effective profile pictures, cover images, header images, videos, and customer-facing branded graphics.

Accounts Setup : $375

*One Time Cost (uncheck if you already have social media accounts)

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Social Media Ad Plans

To really generate new leads and sales you need an Advertisement Plan. To do this you also need an ad budget to boost your promotions. Don't worry we will help you through all of this. Select the option below to choose from our Ad Plans.

Advertisement Plan

Campaign Planning : $150

One Time Cost. Detailed Marketing Consultation & Custom Marketing Plan Review, Revision, and Approval. We'll work with you to identify the proper budget for your advertisement campaign.

Branded Ads : $255

1 Basic Photo-Text Ad per Month & 1 Fully designed Image Ad per Month (1 Revision Included)

Motion Content Ads : $575

2 Branded Motion Image Ads published biweekly. (1 Revision each included)

Custom Media Ads : $975

1 Location Photo session or Casual video session per month. 2 Branded Photo/Video Ads designed and published biweekly (1 revision each).

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Contact Information

We require some basic contact information to complete your cost estimation. Thanks!

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Final Cost

The final estimated price is :



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Discount :
Total :/month


*Each Social Media Plan is contracted for a 3-month minimum duration. Contact us directly  for more information about this.

Social Media Consulting

Do you already have some social media setup? Want to keep managing your own accounts but don’t understand social media well enough to develop a strong strategy? We also offer our expertise in a consulting role, billed at just $95/hr for our time to help you develop a strong social media plan. 

Why use Social Media?

Social Media marketing is a staple in today’s world. With over 3.1 billion people using social media, there is a vast audience for your business to reach. It increases your brand awareness and consumer reach. Social media marketing creates more inbound traffic which in turn can increase your SEO rankings among search engines. It humanizes your business which builds relationships and creates a loyal customer base. It can also give you higher conversion rates than just web marketing alone. Your social media presence contributes significantly to upping your brand’s awareness. It increases your brands identity and potentially the overall value of your branding.

If you need more incentive to start using social media marketing…Check out some of these Social Media Facts!

Generate Leads & Sales

Social media is a critical part of today’s sales funnel-the process which a new viewer becomes a customer. With increased visibility, your business gains more chances for conversion. Developing relationships with your consumers yields positive results and builds brand trust.

  • Social Media generates 64% more leads
  • Over 51% of marketers claim developing consumer relationships boosts sales
  • Social Media has 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing
  • 53% Improved Sales
  • 87% of B2B buyers say they would have a favorable impression of someone approaching them via social media platform

Google & SEO Rankings

Social Media greatly improves your SEO rankings. By creating quality content that optimizes key words, we create link backs to your site. Having an effective social media presence will allow more users to move through your lead funnels to increase your overall web traffic.

  • Increase Web Traffic by 78%
  • 90% of all Marketers say Social Media improved their SEO

Brand Awareness

Social media will expose your company or service to new eyes. People don’t just interact with brands they know, majority of people say they discover new products through social media platforms. Nearly half the world’s population uses social media platforms.

  • There are 3.1 Billion Social Media Users in the world
  • Increase brand exposure by 87%
  • Over 91% of marketers claimed their social media efforts greatly increased their exposure
  • 60% of Instagram users discover new products on the platform.

Brand Equity & Loyalty

Your social media presence weighs in on the value of your brand. It doesn’t just apply to how consumers view your brand, but a INC study revealed that “the average offer received among all of the businesses we analyzed was 3.7 times pre-tax profit. However, when we isolate just those businesses with at least 10,000 connections, the offer multiple goes up to 4.67. If you have more than 100,000 people in your opt-in footprint, the multiple goes up to 4.87”.

The millennial generation is the most brand loyal customers of all and they are the largest generation in US history and will soon completely consume the market.

Posting to social media, whether it be content or replying to customers, builds authority in your company.

  • 62% of millennial customers are loyal to brands that engage directly with them on social media
  • Social Media increases overall brand loyalty by 63%

Thought Leadership

Having well written & high quality content on your social media helps establish your brand as an expert & leader in your industry. This builds consumer trust and increases web traffic.

  • 80% of buyers said thought leadership builds trust
  • 63% of people trust technical experts
  • Social Media increases Thought Leadership by 46%
  • 92% of B2B buyers are willing to engage with a sales professional who is a known industry thought leader

Marketplace Insights

Social Media is the best way to learn the thoughts and needs of your consumers. As your presence grows we can use tools to analyze the demographics of your users as well as determine which type of content yields the greatest results. Monitoring conversations about your brand and industry also gives you insights into your competitors.

  • Social Media increases marketplace insights by 54%

Advertising & Social Selling

Social ads greatly promote your business. By combining this with demographic information you gain from marketplace insights, we can create targeted ads to address each demographic effectively. Using tools from social media platforms we can retarget potential customers who have shown an interest in your product or service.

90% of decision-makers say they never respond to cold calls. By using social listening tools we can identify new leads that are already talking about your product or service.

  • 31% of B2B professionals say social selling allowed them to build deeper relationships with clients.
  • 76% of buyers are ready to have a social media conversation with potential providers
  • 62% of b2B buyers respond to salespeople who connect with them to share insights and opportunities relevant to their business
  • 71% of all sales professionals use social selling
    • 90% of TOP salespeople use social selling
  • 78% of salespeople engaged in social selling are outselling their peers who are not using social selling
  • 63% of salespeople say social selling is critical or extremely critical to their sales performance

Customer Satisfaction

Interacting with customers one-to-one on social media makes them more loyal. It is also a much faster means to respond to customer’s queries or complaints. Visibly showing your attendance to customers also builds your brand reputation. Research also shows that brands who don’t meet the social media expectations of consumers damage their bottom line.

Harvard Business Review research shows customers who receive a response to their tweets would be willing to spend more with the brand on a later purchase.

  • Over 67% of consumers go to social media for customer service

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